You do not stay at the forefront of your industry by standing still; you constantly look at all your systems and processes, listening to your customers, always seeking to improve.

Take our field agents for example. We are the only company that provides each agent with a comprehensive training manual covering everything from explaining a CFA to what is required in a credit hire statement. We make all our agents complete practical tests and an on-line multiple choice exam. We acknowledge that we are only as good as the agent who is assigned your instruction and that is why we take their training and on-going assessment so seriously.

We know providing a swift service is key, whether you are seeking a quick appointment to sign a client to your documents or urgently need a statement because you are working to a deadline. Our bespoke case management system allows us to carefully monitor each case and we do this 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year because BNH operates an office in New Zealand whose role is to manage cases throughout the night. The New Zealand office constantly checks all instructions within the BNH system ensuring all reports, statements, document scans etc. are forwarded to you at the earliest opportunity. You will soon get used to receiving an e-mail from us at 3am in the morning! Particular emphasis is given to the quality vetting and preparation of statements, ensuring that most statements can be provided by 9am on the day after an appointment.

We are focused on customer and client care. We realise the importance of providing exceptional levels of care with everyone that we deal with and this aspect of our business is overseen by our Head of Customer Care (UK) and Head of Customer Care (NZ).

We offer a large range of bespoke services to suit your requirements.

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