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Asset Reports

We provide Standard and Full Asset Reports depending on requirements, providing you with all the information required to assess the potential worth of an individual or company

Housing Disrepair claims
We are able to deal with a variety of housing disrepair claims. Providing completion of documentation, obtaining signatures and supplying supporting photographs as required.

Service of Documents
We can serve documents across most of the UK providing a certificate of service or sworn affidavit as necessary.

Injury Photographs
Visiting your client we are able to provide photographs showing an injury or scarring, with measurements.

Site Inspections
We can liaise with defendant, insurer and client as required, visiting an accident site to report on conversation and providing support for your client.

Drink Drive
Utilising experienced retired police officers, experts in drink drive procedures, we can provide consultancy reports and formal Sec 9 statements to assist in the defence of your client. We will also attend court in an advisory capacity or to provide supporting evidence.

Criminal Matters                                                                               To advise on the validity of a drink drive arrest and whether the Road Traffic Act applies to the road at the time.

We can help if you are struggling to get back from your client any conveyancing documents including Mortgage Deeds, Leases, Plans etc. Once obtained, all signed documents sent to you by recorded delivery